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Event organization

Tailor your event to your target audience and partners

JKB CONSULTING imagines and organizes your events according to your means and objectives. Our team will support you throughout the creation of your event, providing creative ideas and artistic entertainment, and coordinating the various partners and event service providers. JKB CONSULTING also brings your target audience together around an event via its extensive network: business leaders, architects, the professions, protocol, the media, etc.

Type of Events

  • International Fairs & Exhibitions
  • International exhibitions
  • B to B meetings
  • Inaugurations, conferences, awards ceremonies
  • Corporate events (business dinners & cocktails)
  • Cocktail parties and gala dinners (weddings)
  • Product launches and vernissage
  • Fashion shows, art exhibitions, trade fairs
  • Corporate receptions: seminars

Nos Compétences

  • Training for participation in trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Search for venue(s) and sponsors
  • Coordination between all suppliers and partners
  • Qualified suppliers (wine, champagne, lighting, audio-visual, entertainment, music, equipment, furniture, hostess, etc.).
  • Logistics: equipment and technical management.
  • Set-up of audiovisual resources for communication
    (photographer, videographer, drone, etc.)
  • Event communication (media and digital)
  • Public relations
  • Organization of and participation in international trade fairs
  • Representation at various local events

Media Relations

Choose communications that are directly relevant to your target audience

Our team offers you relevant off-line and on-line communication tailored to your corporate strategy. Our relationships with all regional, national and international media guarantee you accurate, targeted communication.

Our Skills

  • Daily/weekly press
  • Magazine and trade press
  • Online media
  • Local and international media
  • National television
  • Billboard advertising
  • Street marketing
  • Press release writing

Website Programming

Define and convey your identity via the Web

A JKB CONSULTING expert will advise you throughout your project, helping you build your brand identity and define the values you want to convey. Our developer and web designer can create dynamic, modern showcase or e-commerce sites.

Our website design skills

  • Management and creation of showcase or e-commerce sites
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Integration & development
  • Graphic charter design
  • Custom website design
  • Definition of site ergonomics
    100% responsive website design: adaptable to all media.
  • Hosting and launch
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Website maintenance.

Digital Communication

Promote your image and raise your profile

Our JKB CONSULTING team takes care of your company’s visibility on the Internet. Our main role is to raise your profile via targeted email campaigns, SMS campaigns and to manage your social networks. What’s more, our audio/video designer creates promotional animations and videos to generate qualified traffic.

Our community management skills

  • Animation of your social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube
  • Definition of a differentiation strategy and content creation
    Identification of social networks & monitoring
  • Account optimization
  • Targeting and acquisition of qualified fans
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Analysis & recommendations.

Our graphic design skills

  • Definition of a theme and visual for the charter.
  • Graphic design and layout: Illustrator,
  • Photoshop & Indesign
  • Feed definition
  • Creation of original, creative and intelligent content: photos, GIFs, illustrations, creative stories.
  • Photo retouching

Our video story & interview skills

  • Promotional video: story telling + shooting + editing + animation creation.
  • Design and production of interviews, from scheduling to editing.

Our other web marketing skills

  • Creation of newsletters: based on the graphic charter.
  • Sending newsletters to a qualified CSP+ file.
  • SMS campaign to a targeted file.
Message from the General Manager

JOHNSON Kuéku-Banka

Promoter and Managing Director of JKB CONSULTING, JOHNSON Kuéku-Banka is a seasoned player in the field of economic and commercial events.

A graduate of the Centre Ouest Africain de Formation et d’Etudes Bancaires (COFEB-BCEAO Dakar) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), he was Director of the Centre Togolais des Expositions et Foires de Lomé (CETEF-LOME) from 1998 until May 2022. In the meantime, he also held the position of Director of Foreign Trade from 2008 to 2010.

With over 25 years’ experience in the field of international trade in general, and the organization of international trade fairs, trade shows and universal and international exhibitions in particular, JOHNSON Kuéku-Banka has been the linchpin of the organization of Lomé’s international trade fairs and Togo’s participation in universal and international exhibitions as General Commissioner in Shanghai in 2010, Milan in 2015, Beijing in 2019 and Dubai in 2020. He was also twice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Trade Fair of the Community of West African States (ECOWAS Trade Fair), organized by this institution from 1995 to 2013.

Having retired, he decided to share this wealth of experience through JKB CONSULTING, an agency created in September 2022.

JKB CONSULTING is a global communications agency, specializing in consulting and training in the organization of and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as the organization of corporate and high-end events.

It also aims to meet its customers’ requirements in digital communications, graphic design, website creation, promotional video design and Interview.

To this end, a talented, creative and dynamic multidisciplinary team is on hand to support you.

Our aim at JKB CONSULTING is also to bring a relevant and contemporary look to your company by combining professionalism, know-how, art, modernity and design. In fact, it’s to enable our customers to expand their networks.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to promote your business or product.

JKB CONSULTING, your best partner for greater visibility.

Our team is ready to help you make a success of your events and digital projects.

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